Our menu is filled with the tastiest dishes we discovered during our travel wanderings all over the world. Crunchy, yet silky calamars, pasta with mussels, sea-scented grilled fish... Our fish and seafood fascination is apparent, and it is visible also on our menu- it is divided into FISH AND SEAFOOD appetizers, pasta, risotto and main dishes as well as CLASSIC menu. Moreover, we offer numerous types of rich salads, convenient as a lighter main dish and nice sides often sufficient enough for 2 persons.


Oysters are a symbol for luxury but one can afford it everyday. They have such an oceanic taste and unique structure that you will either love or hate them. In KOGO we adore them also for their high amount of zinc (1 oyster = 400% of recommended daily dose) and 3-omega acids. In case of a nice weather we organize Oyster Fridays, where the oysters are being opened on our terrace under the trees directly in front of our guests. It is usually drunk with lots of champagne. That is what we call a luxurious life.


Fresh and seasonal vegetables are the essence of our menu. As a matter of fact, one of the owners of KOGO is a woman and she knows what women desire: hearthy salads, mozzarella with the tastiest tomatoes and fresh basil, gluten-free quinoa with grilled vegetables and avocado. And the best vegetarian Italian dish is most definitely PARMIGIANA MELANZANE - slices of eggplant layered with mozzarella, basil and home-made tomato passata, covered with parmesan cheese on the top. It is amazing to be a vegetarian!


We don't believe in "anti-sugar" or "anti-dessert" movement. On the contrary, we think that a dessert prepared from the highest-quality "real" ingredients belong to one of the best experiences in life and it can not be harmful to anyone if eaten moderately. In Kogo you can taste typical Italian desserts like tiramisú, ricotta cake with strawberries, panna cotta and home-made Italian ice-cream. How about a pistachio one with Sicilian pistachios or one with salty caramel?


We love wine! Because it's very personal. It’s an embodiment of the vineyard, nature (the land, the wind, the sun, the vegetation growing around), but also the personality of the viniculturist. Our wine list precisely characterises our personal taste as well as the taste of our sommelier Petr Majerník. It consists of more than 150 types of wines, from famous names to small viniculturists, from Slovak to Italian, French or Spanish viniculturists to New World viniculturists. Each wine has its own personality because that’s why we love it. 


We believe there should not be any be a single morning without coffee, not a single evening without grappa

Every Italian restaurant must serve a really good coffee. And we really care about it. We also care about good mineral water that does not change the taste of the dish and a broad assortment of high-quality distilled spirits produced in Slovakia or Italy. The most popular are the classic Slovak borovička (juniper spirit ) marhuľovica (apricot spirit) or čerešňovica (cherry spirit) and several types of Italian barrique grappa that we offer.


GIN & TONIC is a classic long drink. Have you noticed that in foreign countries, especially in Spain, high-end restaurants have their own GIN & TONIC menu? Therefore, we created our own as well. We combined the best gins and tonics and created some really refreshing alternatives for both, ladies and gentlemen. Taste our variations to this popular summer orange cocktail!