We love freshness and seasonality. We serve only wild-caught fish from sustainable resources. We do not compromise on quality. You deserve only the best.


We the Gergeľs are a married couple, and Kogo is our family restaurant. Freshness, seasonality and (whenever possible) locality are the basic principles of our cuisine. To supplement our menu, we also prepare DAILY SPECIALS from available ingredients. We wait for whatever fish our fishers send us (and since we only offer wild caught fish from the sea, we never know in advance what will arrive). We carefully consider the meat, vegetables and herbs which have arrived from our collaborating organic farms. Then with the chefs we prepare a daily special and, around 11:30, by email we send our customers information about what they can enjoy on that particular day. If you would also like to be informed about our daily menu, please write us at:


Our menu is inspired by the Mediterranean, it is mainly Italian cuisine. Wild fish and seafood, veal and lamb, risotto, pasta and large salads are all prominent and prepared with fresh ingredients. Every Friday we offer a special oyster menu. Every day we bake our homemade, wheat-rye sourdough bread, we prepare Italian desserts, homemade Italian ice cream and pasta made with Italian flour. Our sommelier Peter Majerník manages our wine list with great enthusiasm, which contains more than 150 wines. Our list of beverages offers an unusually wide selection of Italian grappa and a special Gin & Tonic label.


At Kogo, we offer only wild caught fish that have lived freely in the seas and oceans, not farm-raised fish. We believe that fish have a soul, and if they live in confined conditions, they are unhappy, just like humans. The happier life of wild fish is reflected in the quality of their meat – in its energy and nutritional value. Wild fish usually contain much less fat (as a result of more swimming), but many more nutrients (therefore more varied and better quality food), especially proteins, vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, calcium, etc.) and the health benefits of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, in comparison to farm-raised fish. Wild and farm-raised fish also differ in appearance – wild fish are usually athletic in shape and more distinctive in colour. But most notably: the taste differs!