We offer our own home-made wheat-rye SOURDOUGH BREAD at Kogo. Dalibor has been feeding, petting, folding and improving our sourdough bread every day from 19 March 2018 (that's why our sourdough took its name from the name in the calendar on this day - Joe) and started to offer it only in January 2019. It took him nearly a year until he accepted that his bread was finally soft and crunchy, supple and with a pleasant aroma, and had bubbles large enough and a strong taste sufficient enough to introduce it to you!

Never before would we have thought that something as primary and “easy” as bread might be so complex at the same time. Our bread consists of 3 ingredients: Flour (of four different types), water and sugar, but their mutual harmony, when and which ingredient should we add, in what proportion and how to work with the sourdough or how and under what temperature the bread should be baked - that's great know how. Bread is the divine alchemy with the right timing.

Dalibor has a PHD in biochemistry and he says that the production of bread is just properly applied biochemistry, which he fortunately masters perfectly. The result of this process is the sourdough bread, God’s gift (as mentioned also in the Bible) and I believe that you will find it as precious as a gift too! They say that life begins just after baking your first bread, and in our case it's true!