We love oysters!  We offer various types of oysters for many different reasons!  

  • There is no more controversial dish than oysters: you either love them or hate them. No wonder it’s a controversial dish; it’s eaten alive and the taste and structure is utterly specific. Eating oysters and washing them down with champagne always improves an already good mood or cures any depression.
  • THERE IS a difference between the individual types of oysters, in taste, texture and smell. Oysters feed exclusively on plankton and they need to stay close to the coastline to grow (often near to the river mouth to the sea), as the water there is not so salty, not too cold and not too warm, the currents are not so strong and it’s not too muddy. The best oysters are produced on the coasts of France, Ireland and Japan.
  • Oysters are a nutritional treasure: they contain an incredibly high amount of zinc (1 oyster = 140% of the daily intake) and a high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.  12 oysters represent less than 100 calories and as much protein as a 100g steak (with even better amino acid composition).
  • Eating oysters is a symbol of luxury and a Bohemian lifestyle: certainly, they are Bohemian creatures: they just lie in bed throughout their whole lives, they don’t move, don’t exercise, basically don’t do anything but let themselves be refreshed by the sea water and wait for food to come with the current. Just imagine that you would be doing (or not doing) this all your life!
  • Oysters have always been improving and saving lives: people have been eating oysters for more than 10,000 years, and their breeding started 4,000 years ago in Japan (the country produces 98% of world production of oysters today). Oysters saved the pilots in the Pacific during World War II.
     It was the only safe and very nutritious food they could find!